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  • Nixon


    The 51-30 Tide Watch
    $ 499.99 

  • Matcha

    Japanese Green Tea 
    $ 26.95

Antioxidants, Vitamins, Minerals...

Eco-Friendly Beauty

Vegetarian & Gluteen-Free :)

Stylish and Elegant Decor

New Trends beauty tools

Wellness, Lifestyle, Body Happiness.


DIY Vertical Garden!

DIY Recycled Pallet : Vertical Garden! by Kate Pruitt from  

DIY Tee-Shirt Halter

DIY Tee-Shirt Halter by Anne, wobisobi.      

Recycled Beauty Closet!

DIY! 7 new stylish ways to de-clutter your beauty closet!by Beauty    

Alcohol Vs Calories

Bacon & Booze: The Low-Carb Alcohol Cheat Sheet by the Spartian Warrior        

Hoodie = Computer Sleeve

How to transform your hoodie into a computer sleeve!    

Cucumber Lime Mint Agua

Cucumber Lime Mint Agua Fresca    By Simply  

DIY Hair Necklace!

DIY HAIR NECKLACE!  by Kristin Ess, from The Beauty    

Nutrition 101: Eat To Burn Fat

15 Best Fat-Burning Foods by        

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